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What Others Have To Say

“The Social Dynamic Sales System helped me lay out a plan of attack and map out a presentation.  We were used to selling one-on-one vs. to a group.  Thanks to Rylee we sold over $63,000 from our first event.”

*Disclaimer: Results will vary.”


“In the last 3 weeks I hosted 8 events that Rylee helped facilitate. I sold over $200,000 generating more than $22,000 in net commissions. I’ve made more money in the past 3 weeks than I did in 3 months from my previous gig.”

*Disclaimer: Results will vary.”


“Rylee’s Strategy Day helped me identify what I needed to implement this form of marketing and advertising into my existing model. The tools and templates he has available made it such a smooth and easy process.”

*Disclaimer: Results will vary.”


“Our first event had 47 people. We were able to obtain 11 appointments and the sales team closed 4 deals that week! We are now working to implement the Social Dynamic Selling System in multiple markets to grow and scale.”

*Disclaimer: Results will vary.”


Rylee Meek

My Commitment To You

In 2010, I was not in a good spot. The prior 4 years of my life had been a complete whirlwind. Since an early age I always had the entrepreneurial spirit, which you could imagine provided highs and lows in my life financially, but my latest venture was a complete debacle. If you remember, or have done any research on myself, the only reason I stumbled into what we have now developed into the Social Dynamic Selling System was because I was searching…..I was broke and I was broken, literally sleeping on my sisters couch.

I know the stresses of owning your own business and the day in and day out struggles of where your next sale is coming from. – The ups and downs of cash flow, etc. I’ve lived it, breathed it, and lost many nights of sleep over it.

If you remember the first sales company I started back in 2011, from my home office, generated a little over $2 million in sales in it’s first 6 months. Little did I know that I was in the infancy stages of developing the Social Dynamic Selling System.

I have been blessed to develop this learned wisdom over the past 7 years which has set me on a mission to help other business owners escape the stressful sales lulls, or lack of sales period. So, if you are in need of more sales, or if you are searching like I was 8 years ago, I will commit to taking you on this journey.

We are in the client acquisition business – Follow the Social Dynamic Selling Blueprint and you too can develop a Predictable, Sustainable, Scalable Selling System.

Rylee Meek, Founder
The Social Dynamic Selling System

Our Team has promoted over 25,000 events and connected over 2+ million consumers with their clients. That experience is put to work with every new campaign we produce. No other marketing company can offer our solutions.