Seriously? Do companies really still use Direct Mail?!

Hey, it’s a fair question. We get it all the time. So let’s address the elephant in the room… or should we say dinosaur? In today’s digital age, physical mail might seem like an antique. But make no mistake: The direct mail renaissance is upon us. And here’s why.

Marketers are under constant pressure to push the envelope in terms of growth and ROI. And yet for many of them, whether they know it or not, their existing marketing mix has reached a growth ceiling. It simply isn’t getting the job done at the speed or scale that their bosses expect, and certainly not at the speed or scale that will earn them a promotion anytime soon.

This was certainly the case for many of our clients before we engaged with them.  Meanwhile, they had no idea there was an untapped and surprisingly cost-effective growth channel right under their noses, where high quality, qualified prospects were just waiting to hear from them. We’re talking, of course, about direct mail.

So, before you decide to sit this one out and let a massive growth opportunity pass you by, consider this: Today, our clients use direct mail to acquire hundreds of thousands of new customers every year, in some cases doubling and evening tripling their annual growth relative to digital channels.

So, what we’re saying is, if you want to rapidly grow your business, but aren’t yet using direct mail to help you do so, there’s a chance you might be tying one arm behind your back. Admittedly, direct mail couldn’t possibly make sense as an acquisition tool for all products and services on the face of the earth, so the million-dollar question becomes,

“Could MY product or service work using direct mail?”

Over the years, sales organizations have relied on a suite of tactics that have worked reasonably well, telephone cold calling, maybe door to door canvassing, newspaper, TV, radio, and they all still work up to a point. But results are slow and percentages are pretty low. You probably use some of them but so do your competitors. Search engine optimization usually referred to as SEO, it’s been around for quite a while. In fact, over the past few years, SEO has been the … It’s really all the rage. But let’s face it, only one company can be at the top of Google at any given time. If your website is nowhere to be found on the first page, good luck on getting there regardless of what the SEO consultants are telling you.

Even more importantly, your rank in search engines does nothing to establish you as the trustworthy or even competent business. Even if your website does appear in the first few pages, you’re just one amongst many. The Social Dynamic Selling System will show you how to use one of the most powerful lead generation tactics out there today, dinner seminar marketing. Despite how other industries have thrived with dinner seminar marketing, most of your competitors haven’t even thought about using dinner seminars to generate leads.

We’ve made it easy for you to be one of the first in your marketplace to embrace this powerful strategy for generating leads. If you follow the advice in this toolkit of ours, you’re also going to be the best at it. Results are quick in our experience. They come with a spectacular ROI and the process immediately establishes you as the trusted go-to expert in your field.

If you like what you’re reading so far and want to leverage Dinner Seminar Marketing using Direct Mail, then schedule a free, complimentary strategy session with me, Rylee Meek, who currently is using direct mail and dinner seminars to generate leads and revenue for a few of our businesses in home remodeling and solar.  Oh and just so you know, it’s generated over $70 million in revenue for us in less than 7 years.  *Disclaimer: Results will vary.

Now, despite the relative dependability of the well-known tactics that I’ve mentioned before, none of them really create the powerful immediate credibility you get when you demonstrate your expertise with your prospects face–to–face.

Think about it, telephone cold calling, door to door canvassing, newspaper, TV, and radio, all forms of interruption marketing techniques. They convey your message whether that recipient wants to hear it or see your message or not. To make matters worse, the message is about you soliciting for their business and that’s why these forms of marketing have such low response rates.

Dinner seminar marketing is different for one crucial reason… VALUE.

The concept behind dinner seminar marketing is simple. You invite people to a great restaurant for a free dinner, which you pay for.  While they’re there, you teach them something valuable about your industry, then you ask them for an opportunity to bid on their next project.   It’s as simple as that.

The fact that you’re giving away a free dinner, it immediately attracts attention and it makes you stand out.  You’re offering a very powerful value exchange, a great free dinner in return for listening to what you have to say about a topic you know very well.  It’s a unique approach in any space that most of your competitors would never even think of trying and that’s why there’s a goldmine waiting for you.

The people you invite don’t care that you’ve interrupted them, because you’re offering them a free dinner, no strings attached. If that sounds crazy to you, perhaps it is but it works like gangbusters. You’re not selling anything at your dinner. It will make it clear to your prospects throughout the whole process. But what you’re doing is you’re building a relationship which, The Social Dynamic Selling System, shows you how to accomplish almost instantly.

Here’s what to do next…

Click Here To Schedule A FREE Strategy Session (no pitch) with me, Rylee Meek, where I will show you how I’m using Direct Mail to generate leads and revenue for my businesses in the home remodeling industry and in the solar industry.  I will also walk you through the Social Dynamic Selling Journey Map that you see below.  There are 6 steps to getting a direct mail campaign off the ground successfully.

Oh and the company that you choose to buy direct mail with matters.  Over the last 7 years, I’ve tested dozens of companies and on our free strategy session I give access to my direct mail company who I rely on to send out over 100,000 direct mail pieces per month!

To your success and abundance,

Rylee Meek

P.S. I can also review your direct mail marketing piece with you and give you instant feedback on it from my experience of sending over 10 million mailers.

*Disclaimer: Results will vary.

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