Our Return On Investment is INSANE!  Thank you Rylee for your system for generating leads for our business.  We never would have hit $5 million without it.

James G., Aging Solutions

Case Study #3: Aging Solutions

Listen to what James G. has to say about his experience of the Social Dynamic Selling system working for his business…

“Before implementing the Social Dynamic Selling System, our company did just over $500,000 in sales. Being in the Aging-in-place industry we sell numerous different products, but we came out of the Strategy Day with a clear vision to just focus on 2 or 3.”

“We dove head first into the Academy and our business exploded. We went from operating within our local area to now working in 11 states. The Social Dynamic Selling Team has helped train and develop the entire sales staff. We are just wrapped up our first full year with the system and the numbers look great!”

The Results?

  • Leads Generated – 3,989

  • Appointments Set – 1,742

  • Sales – 522

  • Total Advertising Spent – $874,626

  • Total Revenue Earned $5,511,502.26

  • ROI 530%

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